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Art will finally be taken seriously.

Back in 2009, I began working in newspaper advertising. I worked with many local business owners on several marketing strategies to help push their message in a loud, noisy world. This was during the thick of the recession and price was the big marketing idea to get the consumers into the store.

At that time, Twitter was only 3 years old and just starting to build momentum. Facebook rolled out the Facebook Fan Page in 2007 and brands were becoming more and more aware of the power of social media.

But Wes, I thought this post was about Art, not Social Media?

I wanted to give you a little background on how social media has evolved and enhanced the NEED for great artists, designers, writers, filmmakers, and all other types of creative minds.

ART is becoming just as “important” as business. In fact, my prediction is that they will be working hand in hand within the next 3–5 years.

I had a discussion with one of my clients back in 2009 where I told him that he needed to create a facebook page and YouTube Channel to begin engaging in conversation that is going to appeal to the consumer’s emotions. It was difficult to convince someone that consumers were going to buy from a business that they connected with. This would take time and energy but would be well worth the investment. The results would happen over time, but he was worried about this quarter’s earnings so he didn’t take advantage of that opportunity. His business may be at a different level had he acted at that time.

I saw that the culture was shifting and shifting fast to this type of experience. I knew that people wanted to be a part of something. People wanted to collaborate and get to know the people behind the brand. The recession made us lonely. The growth of technology made us stop connecting in “real life.” Now people want to connect with people in the social network atmosphere.

Social Media (as we know it) is still a pre-teen.

As humans, we have 5 senses. Hearing, Seeing, Smelling, Touching, Feeling. What we are doing, as an international society, is imposing human sensory into technological devices. People are wanting to connect online using their senses. The internet may not have all 5 human senses, but we desire to create our cyber world with human traits.

What an artist can do is create beautiful imagery and story to help create a human-like atmosphere within a cyber world.

Forbes released an article in 2012 called The 10 Worst College Majors. About half of the 10 worst majors were Arts Majors. I know that over the last decade (if not longer) if there were federal or state budget cuts, the first to be cut was the arts. Cutting the arts then discouraged students to pursue an Art Career. As an Arts Recruiter, I have seen many articles like the Forbes article and I say to myself:

“You guys are all wrong!”

Not because I am an artist myself, but because — how could a person of any intelligence not see that ART will become one of the necessary fields to maintain this cultural shift in technology? Every business owner, every brand, every organization, and probably every person on this planet will need to be it’s own media company first, then business second.

Businesses will need artistic photographers, writers, graphic designers, and other artists in order to operate in the technological world. They will NEED experienced and talented designers and artists to stand out.

Going back to the 5 senses.

In order to develop a human sense of Touch or Feeling in the tech space, you are going to have to do it EMOTIONALLY.

Your content, visuals, and sounds will need to be superb. A task only a true artist can take on.