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Monday: Funday

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Monday is often viewed as the most miserable day of the week. You here it time and time again. “My weekend was too short” or “Ugh, this week is going to be sooo long.” It’s actually quite sad.

Mondays are PHENOMINAL.

You have the opportunity to start over. To make something. To change.

I look at Mondays as a launch into the week. Yeah I get it, when you get to the office you have all those emails and phone calls to catch up on from the weekend, BUT you have the opportunity to be BETTER.

I use the Monday morning commute to not only analyze the previous week’s accomplishments but I also use it as a way to motivate myself to be a better person, better worker, better friend, better mentor, and so on.

Mondays are a time for MOTIVATION. You should get excited that you have been given another chance to CONQUER your life. Sometimes it’s difficult to go into a monday morning on the “Up and Up.” What helps me get my Monday morning off to a good start is making sure the people around me are off to a good start.

Smile at everyone. Give High-Fives. Motivate them to accomplish something BIG during the week. By focusing on others, you will begin to see how that shapes your feelings about the day.

Make a list and ATTACK it! Start your week off with extreme productivity. Look at the week ahead and do something BIG!

I always tell my wife “DO BIG THINGS TODAY.” It has been the motivating force within my life. I hope that mentality spreads to the people around me.

As a team, you can accomplish BIG THINGS. Those things usually start on a Monday!

Now, Go and Do Big Things!

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There, I said it.

Inside us all lies one thing that clearly defines who we are at our greatest potential. Failure is trying to be something you are not. We are one big complex solution and we can spend our entire lives finding out what makes us successful. In order to discover who or what you are, you have to first go through discovery.

Webster’s Dictionary defines Discovery as

the act of finding or learning something for the first time : the act of discovering something


This tells us that we have to DO. We need to stop being Human BEINGS and start being Human DOINGS!

In order to find out what makes us a Success, we have to try many things for the first time until we begin to see a pattern in our choices, loves, passions, and anything else that clearly defines us.

That seems easy, right?

It’s not. As children we are taught to Dream Big! We all wanted to be the President, Astronaut, Fire Fighter, or War Hero at one point. It is the act of finding or learning those things that reshape our dreams. I quickly learned that being good at science would be a determining factor if I could be an Astronaut. Science wasn’t my thing so my dream shifted.

Sometimes people have a certain dream because they are told by someone else that they should do this or they should do that. They feel that if they want it bad enough that it will just happen. That they are entitled to it. They don’t put in the work. Big dreams, you know the ones WAY up in the clouds, take much more energy to get to. You have to put in the effort and realize that you may come up short.

Sometimes you’re a cylinder block trying to fit in a triangle hole.

Remember that game when you were an toddler. You would spend forever trying to fit the wrong block shape in the opening on the board. Hopefully you can picture it. You would turn it, flip it, bang it into the space in hopes that it would fit. Guess what, it never does.

The success came from trying to figure out if a different shape would fit in the opening several times and then coming to the realization that the cylinder block goes in the round hole and the triangle block goes in the triangle hole.

Successful people realize what their “shape” is.

I am spending this week with many high school theatre students who’s dream is to be on Broadway. They say “after college my dream is to go to NYC and be on Broadway!” I am not a dream killer, but shouldn’t we be setting realistic goals for these students. I’m not saying tell them they will never make it! Broadway is a sky scraper! What I am saying is, isn’t it more beneficial to give them stairs to climb instead giving them a cape and telling them to fly to the top? Some may figure out a way to build an elevator to the top but some will have to make that steep climb step by step. Give them tools and options, should they get to broadway, fantastic! If not, at least you have given them an opportunity to DISCOVER themselves.

I am still discovering who I am. It changes day to day as I learn about the things that I am NOT. Find your Passion, be Persistent, and have Patience. These are three things you will want to have in order to find Your success.

Remember, we are made to succeed. Failure only comes when you have stopped discovering what makes you…YOU!