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LIFE HACK : Staying Organized is as Easy as ABC


Understanding the Life Cycle of Every Decision Made in Life.

Life is made up of choices.

We make choices everyday. There is no getting around them. You can choose to do something or not to do something. Either way, a choice is made. Most of the time your decision process is broken down into 2 choices.

THIS way or THAT way?

Think about it. Every step you take, every move you make

Sorry for that interruption. Where was I?

Oh yes, break down every action that you take throughout the day and let’s begin to analyze the life cycle of that decision. Let’s not make this too difficult.

Example: The Life Cycle of Wearing Shoes

A. Decide to wear shoes.

B. Put on the shoes and wear them.

C. When you are done wearing the shoes for the day, put them back where they belong.

You can break down this process for every action you take during the day.

A. I decide to eat a candy bar.

B I eat the candy bar. (It was delicious.)

C. I thow away the candy bar wrapper.


A. I decide to go to work.

B. I drive my car to work.

C. When I’m done with work. I park the car back in the driveway.

You really can break down this process for everything you do. Most of us find it easy to complete tasks A and B. There is something about C that is a challenge for most people (including myself.) If you ever find yourself in a dirty/cluttered room or space, it’s because the Cs are piled up.

Recognizing the clutter as individual Cs is the first step to becoming more organized. Find a “Home” for each item. Then, when you have finished with that item, place the item in that home. If you find yourself saying, I will do THIS later or THAT later, recognize that by doing those things later you will have to do other Cs immediately.


Clutter happens when you can no longer keep up with the Cs you have put off for later.

My challenge to you (and myself) is to focus on each task with ABC in mind. Everytime we make a decision to move something from where it belongs, we need to make sure that it returns to its home when we have completed the task.

When things are getting cluttered, just say ABC (with special emphasis on the C) and act on completing each action from A to C all the time. This fundamental change is an easy hack into becoming more organized in everything you do.