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The Timid Launch of My Blog


This is not easy for me. For those of you who know me, you know that I am not the most outgoing person when it comes to my thoughts. I protect my thoughts and ideas as though they were some secret formula to figuring me out. I kind of like being the mysterious type. I am often asked, “What goes on inside of that head?” on a consistent basis. I have been reading a few books lately on sharing my work and my thoughts. This blog, I hope, will guide me in becoming more transparent to others.

My brain operates analytically. I enjoy figuring out why and how things work. I spend much of my time in deep thought; trying to figure out solutions to problems (Mostly, in my own life.)

I am a creative type.

Looking for an adventure and appreciating the world around me brings me solitude. Brings me peace. Joy.

The truth is, I care. The world around me, the people, YOU! I care about others more than I care about myself. I have a hard time saying NO. I enjoy helping others. You shoot me a message and I will drop EVERYTHING to help out. It’s in my nature and my DNA.

My wish for this blog is that I can share with you a glimpse of what is happening in my life and my work. Legacy is important to me. If this blog makes an impact on ONE person, then it was well worth it.



My First Wedding With the Canon C100

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This is the first wedding I shot with the Canon C100 camera body. I am in love with this camera. Not only does this camera capture a beautiful image but it also is small/compact and great in low light situations. I am so glad that I was able to get my hands on one for this film.

Downside: it doesn’t shoot at high frame rates or above 1080p without an external recorder.

Gear Used:

Canon C100

Canon 5DMIII

Canon 135mm L 2.0

Canon 24-105mm L 4.0

Canon 50mm L 1.2

Cinevate Atlas Slider