Month: August 2015

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Why Hibernation is a Good Thing. (Sometimes)


Have you ever been burnt out?

Of, course you have. 🙂

Over the past several months I have been in what I am calling a “Period of Hibernation.” That is why you have not seen ANY posts for awhile. You see, with a full time job, side business, home improvements, and leading worship every week, I have been going full speed this year. Not to mention, my wife and I have been making preparations for the arrival of our baby girl!

This year has been full of many exciting adventures!

I made a New Years Resolution in January that I would blog on a consistent basis this year. Like many of our New Years Resolutions, I have failed to keep this one.

But no longer.

I have come out of HIBERNATION!!

I have recently been studying habits and learning that small habits on a daily basis can lead to a HUGE change over time. I want to push myself to be better. A better husband. A better friend. A better family member. A better co-worker. I want to be a good dad.

I want to be the best version of myself. Not just for me, but for the people I hold close to me. For my daughter. I want to be a father that she will be proud of. I want to lead by example. I want my actions to speak 10 times louder than my words.

I have taken these past few months and reflected on the things that make me… well, me. My life’s journey is about to take off! I am glad that I have spent the last few months to prepare for the change!