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Monday: Funday

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Monday is often viewed as the most miserable day of the week. You here it time and time again. “My weekend was too short” or “Ugh, this week is going to be sooo long.” It’s actually quite sad.

Mondays are PHENOMINAL.

You have the opportunity to start over. To make something. To change.

I look at Mondays as a launch into the week. Yeah I get it, when you get to the office you have all those emails and phone calls to catch up on from the weekend, BUT you have the opportunity to be BETTER.

I use the Monday morning commute to not only analyze the previous week’s accomplishments but I also use it as a way to motivate myself to be a better person, better worker, better friend, better mentor, and so on.

Mondays are a time for MOTIVATION. You should get excited that you have been given another chance to CONQUER your life. Sometimes it’s difficult to go into a monday morning on the “Up and Up.” What helps me get my Monday morning off to a good start is making sure the people around me are off to a good start.

Smile at everyone. Give High-Fives. Motivate them to accomplish something BIG during the week. By focusing on others, you will begin to see how that shapes your feelings about the day.

Make a list and ATTACK it! Start your week off with extreme productivity. Look at the week ahead and do something BIG!

I always tell my wife “DO BIG THINGS TODAY.” It has been the motivating force within my life. I hope that mentality spreads to the people around me.

As a team, you can accomplish BIG THINGS. Those things usually start on a Monday!

Now, Go and Do Big Things!