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Remember that Super Bowl Commercial that made your television ACTUALLY go out?

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Remember that Super Bowl commercial that made your television ACTUALLY go out?

The 2015 Super Bowl got off to a great start. Not Really. Well…for us.

You see, I was looking forward to not only watching the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots going head to head but I was so incredibly pumped about watching this year’s Super Bowl Ads.

It is a time of year where brands actually take the time and spend the money in making some of the most creative ads or (mini-movies) that we will see all year(Which is probably because this is the only night all year where everyone is watching live television.) More on that later.

As we turned on the TV to watch the opening kickoff, we saw the first set of Super Bowl commercials. The commercial appeared to be the opening shot of the stadium. The television started flickering and then went out and read:

“What would you do if your TV went out?”

You can see the commercial here:

2015 Chevy Super Bowl Commercial: 4G LTE Wi-Fi 

You see, all the viewers watched this and said “HAHA, you got me!!” for like a second.


My wife and I went over to her aunt’s house to watch the game. They have satellite tv and the television froze on the phrase:

“What would you do if your TV went out?”

We were like… “Wow, whoever paid for this TV spot spent a LOT of money on this.”

About 2 minutes into the phrase being on the television we began throwing conspiracy theories into the mix. Was this payback from North Korea? Were we alone in this or was everyone experiencing this tramatic event?

We soon discovered that the TV in the living room was the only one that malfunctioned. We had to restart the receiver (which took forever!) and had to watch the game on an iPad Mini for most of the 1st quarter.

What are the chances that the TV would actually go out at THAT moment?

Slim, very slim. I was very nervous about it, but I am glad that we got the TV working again.


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