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The Timid Launch of My Blog

This is not easy for me. For those of you who know me, you know that I am not the most outgoing person when it comes to my thoughts. I protect my thoughts and ideas as though they were some secret formula to figuring me out. I kind of like being the mysterious type. I am often asked, “What goes on inside of that head?” on a consistent basis. I have been reading a few books lately on sharing my work and my thoughts. This blog, I hope, will guide me in becoming more transparent to others.

My brain operates analytically. I enjoy figuring out why and how things work. I spend much of my time in deep thought; trying to figure out solutions to problems (Mostly, in my own life.)

I am a creative type.

Looking for an adventure and appreciating the world around me brings me solitude. Brings me peace. Joy.

The truth is, I care. The world around me, the people, YOU! I care about others more than I care about myself. I have a hard time saying NO. I enjoy helping others. You shoot me a message and I will drop EVERYTHING to help out. It’s in my nature and my DNA.

My wish for this blog is that I can share with you a glimpse of what is happening in my life and my work. Legacy is important to me. If this blog makes an impact on ONE person, then it was well worth it.




  • Awesome. Consider me subscribed, I share a lot of the same traits you mentioned. I, too, want to take the initiative to publicly write thoughts down, teach others things I’ve learned, share some value with people can take from it. Kudos to you, keep it up sir!

  • Awesome!!I love it already!!!:)It is hard to share your thoughts and feelings sometimes not knowing immediate responses especially but I think its an awesome trait and trust me/We definately WANT to hear what you have to say!:)

  • I know the feeling but you have to trust that what you have to say is interesting and unique, and it is.
    It’s hard to find that inner voice and let it speak. You’re off to a great start!
    Sabmcclure on instagram

  • What a great way to kick off your blog! Your willingness to be transparent with your audience even though it may not be the most comfortable thing is inspiring. I’m subscribing and I look forward to your post. I’m new to the world of blogging also. Feel free to check out my blog as well. I have a indie filmmaking diary where I talk about making my first short film.

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